Nolan Brews a Delicious Chemex

We are excited to announce some new dates for coffee classes at our Lab & Training Center. Also, we are adding a brewing class to our lineup! (Don’t worry, espresso classes are coming soon:)

Introduction to Brewing Concepts – This class will cover the fundamentals of brewing great coffee. We will learn best practices for the french press, paper filter pour-over, and automatic brewer techniques.

This class is being offered September 25, October 16, and November 6.

Introduction to Coffee – The goal of this class is to provide an understanding of the beautifully complex journey coffee takes from seed to cup. We will explore the history and origins of coffee, the fundamentals of coffee growing and processing, shipping and importing, roasting, and tasting.

This class is being offered September 29, October 20, and November 10.

Email Will @ for sign up information!