We are happy to announce a new run of coffee classes for the public, including a new course, Fundamental Barista Skills.

INTRODUCTION TO COFFEE:  We will explore the history and origins of coffee, the fundamentals of coffee growing and processing, shipping and importing, roasting, and tasting. The price is $65, and includes a pound of coffee!

INTRODUCTION TO BREWING CONCEPTS: This class will cover the fundamentals of brewing great coffee. We will discuss the most important variables to address when dialing in your brew set up, such as dose, grind, temperature, and contact time. We will also visit best practices for the french press, paper filter pour-over, and automatic brewer techniques. The price is $95, and includes a pound of coffee. Also, attendees of this class will receive a 15% day-of-class discount on brewing equipment!

FUNDAMENTAL BARISTA SKILLS: This much awaited course is designed to teach the basic skill set necessary to create quality espresso beverages. This is an intensive course with lots of practical skill building, theory and detailed content.The price is $125, and includes a pound of coffee! We will cover:

  • Best practices for step by step espresso preparation.
  • Components of quality espresso, and how to taste them.
  • Proper milk steaming techniques.
  • Espresso machine and grinder essentials and care.

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