Peru AprocassiWe are excited to be working with the Peru Aprocassi cooperative for the third year. Aprocassi was founded in response to encroachment by mining companies looking to extract the region’s rich reserves of gold, silver, and other minerals. The cooperative, now 425 small scale producers, believed that they could be more effective at conserving and protecting their land and ecosystem as a united group. 

In the following 15 years, the members of Aprocassi have stayed true to their initial intent, investing their resources in farmer training, community support, healthcare, and education. Farmers have also been reforesting with native trees to improve soil nutrients, prevent erosion and provide shade.

This year, we have been working hard to put together a new project to help the cooperative finance a development project at Aprocassi. Through the sales of this coffee, we are putting together funds for Aprocassi to start building solar dryers to help streamline the drying process and make product quality more consistent. A solar dryer is a greenhouse-like structure, often with cement patio base, which offers farmers more control over temperature, airflow, and humidity, during drying.

Peru Aprocassi Solar Dryers ProjectThese solar drying modules will:

-Yield higher quality coffee
-Decrease environmental pollution
-Decrease the cost of production
-Improve the health and quality of life for coffee-growing families.

A portion of the proceeds from every bag of Peru Aprocassi sold will directly benefit the project. Click here to order Peru Aprocassi online.  This washed coffee has a mild cherry-like acidity, a sweetness like dulce de leche, and a rich, syrupy, body.


We’re nearly a third of the way to our goal! Thank you to everyone that has purchased this coffee in support of the project.