Ozo Packaging Featured on Unpacking Coffee

What an honor to have our packaging featured by the Unpacking Coffee blog. Hosts Ray and Kandace discuss the many nuances of our retail coffee labels and include comments from our director of retail operations, Greg Lefcourt.

“This week we’re talking about OZO Coffee Company out of Boulder, Colorado. I love this packaging. It’s super cool. There’s like a whole identity family that goes with it here. I would say out of all the identities for coffee I’ve seen this one looks like it was made in Guatemala or something. This is a nice bag. Square bottom, bio trade.”

Click here to watch the video, read the interview, and browse their stunning photos!

Ozo Longmont Build-Out Featured on Sprudge

“What better way to start it off than by featuring a build-out from the great and chill American start of Colorado. A major boom in coffee culture is underway up in the Rockies, and this won’t be the only Colorado cafe featured on this season’s BOTS series. But to kick things off we checking out an established brand preparing to open a brand new spot.”

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