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Colombia ASOPEP


Milk Chocolate | Macadamia Nut | Apple Butter

Colombia ASOPEP has a crisp lemongrass acidity layered with flavors of fresh apple butter, milk chocolate, and macadamia nut.



REGION: South America
ORIGIN: Colombia
ELEVATION: 1,350-1,2170m
TASTE: Milk Chocolate | Macadamia Nut | Apple Butter

Asociación de Productores Egológicos de Planadas (ASOPEP) is a thriving organization of 168 coffee farming families, based in the idyllic town of Planadas. Along with a strong focus on education, ASOPEP facilitates internal cupping and barista exhibitions and competitions to build enthusiasm for specialty coffee. They’ve even produced consumer-oriented specialty coffee events to grown the community’s interest in buying and drinking specialty coffee. Strict attention to detail in cultivation, harvesting and processing ensure a bright, sweet, clean cup that’s complex as well as consistent.