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Ethiopia Chelbessa

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A floral aroma leads into a candied lemon-like acidity, and a resinous mouthfeel, while the finish is long and reminiscent of fresh pine.



Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone
Elevation: 1900 – 2250 M.A.S.L
Cultivars: Heirloom
Processing: Washed

Ethiopia is widely recognized as the birthplace of coffee. Thousands of varieties are still growing wild in forests throughout Ethiopian coffee regions, and many farmers will still collect seeds from wild coffee trees to plant in their gardens for their yearly crop. This vast genetic diversity, along with an ideal climate for coffee growing, leads to some of the most dynamic and high quality coffees we can source every year. This year, we selected a washed lot from the Chelbessa washing station in Yirgacheffe. This coffee is truly unique, with a floral aroma, a candied lemon acidity, a resinous mouthfeel and an aromatic finish reminiscent of pine.

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