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Nicaragua Un Regalo De Dios Dry Process


Plum, red grape, and raspberry lead into a syrupy body with hints of marzipan and maple, rounding out with a long lasting finish.


Product Description

Farmer: Luis Alberto Balladárez

Varietals: Red Catuai

Elevation: 1,900

Luis Alberto Balladárez is a passionate and meticulous farmer, and keeps detailed records about each lot that he produces at his farm, Un Regalo de Dios, and mill, Beneficio Las Segovias. These efforts have paid off, earning him and other farmers from the region several victories at Nicaragua’s Cup of Excellence competitions. Luis Alberto cares as much for his community as he does for his coffee, however, and believes his successful farm and mill have been a gift from god to help put people to work and invest in development in neighboring towns. We are proud to have procured two different lots from his farm this year.

This single varietal selection is dry processed. This process entails picking coffee and sun drying on patios or raised beds while still encased in the fruit. The whole cherry undergoes a fermentation while it is laying out to dry. The cherries will be regularly turned to ensure even drying. Then the fruit must be removed before the coffee can be packaged for shipping. This process results in coffees with fuller bodies, and generally more intense fruit flavors. These are the products of a balance between the drying and fermentation happening within the fruit.

Look for plum, red grape, and raspberry leading into a syrupy body with hints of marzipan and maple, rounding out with a long lasting finish.

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Coarse Grind – Cold Brew, Commercial Drip, Cone Filter, Espresso #1 Extra Fine, Espresso #2, Flat Bottom Drip, French Press, Whole Bean


1 Pound Bag, 5 Pound Bag