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Organic Honduras Las Capucas Omar Rodriguez


Sweet notes of hazelnuts and caramel bring the acidity into a balance with a honey-like body and long, lasting finish.



Region: Central America
Origin: Honduras
Farm/Co-op: COCAFCAL
Elevation: 1,240m-1,560m
Taste: Sweet, Nut, Citrus

We are proud to have purchased coffee from Omar since 2010. This farmer, his coffee, and the town of Capucas are very close to our hearts at Ozo. A past president of the COCAFCAL cooperative in Capucas, and an important member of the community in the Copan region for many years, Omar now holds a seat in the Honduran Senate. Omar’s coffee is as great as it has been every year, with sweet notes of caramel and hazelnut, a mild acidity, and a full, honey-like body.

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