The Team

The Team

A smattering of our precious crew here at Ozo Coffee. Follow us on Instagram to see new employee profiles as they are posted!


Meet Liz Wilson! With Ozo since 2008. Originally from Glenwood Springs, Liz moved to Boulder 12 years ago and landed a job in the specialty coffee industry. Liz said she's drawn to coffee because there's always more to learn.

Her favorite coffee is Ozo's Brazil Santa Ines, but she treats herself to a breve house special whenever she's behind the bar! Liz follows her passion for music to live concerts throughout the country, and she's super sweet, so say 'hi' the next time you see her behind the bar!


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.06.36 AM KENNY MEIER

What's up Kenny Meier?! A cherished member of the Ozo family, Kenny has worked at Ozo since he moved to Boulder in 2013. Kenny is originally from Palm Desert, California and said he moved to Boulder to "escape the heat". What he found was a fantastic career in coffee. Kenny said he likes working in specialty coffee because of all the people he gets to meet on daily basis and the fast-paced work atmosphere.

Kenny is also a musician, playing trombone, piano and guitar. Kenny also writes his own film reviews. His favorite Ozo Coffee is the Mocha Java. Give Kenny a high five the next time you see him rocking behind the counter at Ozo!




"My love for coffee started when I was very young. I remember taking sips off my parent's cups in the morning without them knowing. I wanted to be more 'grown up' when I was little and I guess I felt coffee was the gateway to making me feel 'mature' (oh how times have changed haha) from then I have always had an infatuation with the flavor of coffee and the coffee shop environment—the creative energy, the community, the smell, the all around uplifting atmosphere—and it still inspires me today."


Adam Westlake has been working at Ozo since 2011 and loves being a part of the speciality coffee community. He joined Ozo at the SCAA Expo in Seattle this past April. His favorite Ozo Coffee is "anything African" brewed with a French Press.

In his free time Adam enjoys rock climbing, yoga, cycling, disc golf and romping with his kelpie mutt. His son Lincoln was born in late 2015! Be sure to congratulate Adam the next time you see him behind the bar!



Say hello to Sierra, a member of the Ozo family for 6 months! Sierra started working in specialty coffee on a whim and has now been in the industry for three years. Her favorite Ozo Coffee is the El Salvador and she also enjoys cooking, gaming, and hiking!


Alden Groves has been a barista at Ozo Coffee since 2014. Alden was born in Colorado and grew up in Boulder. He has been a musician since elementary school and now produces his own alternative electronic cross over jams under the name Evoke. Alden recently headlined a New Years Eve concert in Alberta, Canada and will be playing several gigs along the Front Range this upcoming year.

His favorite Ozo Coffee is presently the Nicaragua Un Regalo De Dios. Alden's favorite brewing technique is pulling espresso "because you can control every element." Check out Alden's music on Soundcloud and be sure to say "hello" the next time you see Alden behind the bar!



Eli Kalen has been a barista at Ozo Coffee since 2009! Eli came to Boulder looking to be a part of the specialty coffee industry. It's the science of coffee that appeals to Eli. "It's always changing," Eli said discussing the hydroscopic nature of coffee. This February, Eli has been asked to serve coffee at a TED Talk in Canada.

His favorite Ozo Coffee is presently the Nicaragua Un Regalo De Dios. When he's not serving coffee, Eli can be found spending time with his wife and nine year old daughter, rollerskating, or playing basketball! Be sure to say, "Hello" to Eli the next time he's preparing your beverage!



"I'm a passionate cook, and so anything that tastes great and is prepared with love is super appealing to me. The way Ozo made coffee totally blew my mind and I was hooked. I love how coffee can bring people together. Ever since coffee first was cultivated and traded all over the world, coffee houses have been places of community, where ideas could be shared. I love the relationships that I've gained through my work at Ozo, people who've been there through all of life's ups and downs. I appreciate how the responsible consumption of coffee and ethical industry practices can have a good impact on the lives of those in producing countries. At every level, coffee can make community better, and that's work worth doing."



Wes Fowler came to Boulder in 2013 to pursue a passion for climbing. Currently Wes is in the process of obtaining teaching certification through the American Mountain Guide Association.

Being in Boulder has allowed him to delve into ice and alpine climbing and this winter is his first season on skis. His favorite Ozo Coffee is the Organic Honduras Las Capucas Pedro Romero. Be sure to say 'Hey!' to Wes the next time you see him behind the bar!



Max Maybrier has been an Ozo barista since 2012! Max is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and came to Boulder for the speciality coffee industry and the mountains. His sister was a roaster for Ozo Coffee when he moved to the area and he jumped right into a position in the front of the house. Max likes the social aspects of the coffee industry and the ambiance of cafe culture.

Presently his favorite Ozo Coffee is the new Brazil Santa Ina because of it's complexity and balanced flavor. Back in Kansas City Max studied studio art with an emphasis on painting and mixed media. When he's not at Ozo Max enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, and drawing. Ask Max about his latest creative endeavors the next time you see him behind the bar!



Daver Verdoner has been a barista at Ozo Coffee since 2011! Daver grew up in Boulder, Colorado and attended Fort Lewis College in Durango to study the humanities, philosophy, psychology and art. Daver is also a licensed massage therapist, specializing in Shiatsu and Thai Yoga massage, and a home-brewer of unique meads.

Daver said he enjoys the specialty coffee industry because it makes the local economy global. By sourcing high quality coffee and paying fair living wages consumers in Boulder are able to positively influence local economies around the world! His favorite Ozo Coffee is the Brazil Santa Ines. Be sure to say "Hello!" to Daver the next time you see him behind the bar!



Mike Garavel has been an Ozo barista since 2014. Mike moved to Boulder to finish his music degree at CU. He plays jazz trumpet and piano. Presently, Mike produces music at home and performs weekly with a jazz quartet. Mike was drawn to the specialty coffee industry because its many intellectual nuances.

His favorite Ozo Coffee is the Colombia Nariño. This summer Mike and his girlfriend will be spending two months traveling and working in Italy. Before he leaves, Mike is looking forward to hiking some of his favorite trails in Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park. Ask Mike about his latest adventure the next time you see him behind the bar at Ozo!



Meet Bodie Hultin, a member of the Ozo family since the summer of 2015. Bodie, originally from Fort Collins, moved to Boulder to attend a Landscape Architecture program at CU. Bodies says he enjoys the specialty coffee industry because there's always something new to learn.

His favorite Ozo Coffee is the Ethiopian washed coffee. When he's not behind the bar Bodie enjoys playing soccer, biking, photography, and chilling with his friends. Someday soon Bodie hopes to live in Barcelona for a year so he can attend as many soccer games as possible. Be sure to say "Hey" to Bodie the next time you see him behind the bar at Ozo!


Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.06.49 AM


Who's that in the cool hat? Luke Cipolle, a member of the Ozo family since his arrival in Boulder in 2015. Luke was looking for opportunities in the specialty coffee industry and appreciated the attention to detail found among the crew at Ozo Coffee. "I just really like coffee a lot!" Luke said. His favorite Ozo coffee is the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Luke also enjoys playing the trumpet and hiking in the mountains. You can find him on bar at Pearl Street three days a week! Give Luke a shout out the next time you see him behind the bar!