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Ozo Coffee Company was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2007, and promoting quality in coffee and coffee education have always been a part of the mission of our organization. When we decided to build our Lab & Training Center, it offered us the ideal opportunity to elevate our training program and extend it to the greater coffee community. We are a heritage SCA Campus, and are excited to offer the SCA Educational Pathways to coffee professionals around the world. Our training team is equipped with decades of coffee experience, and we invite top-tier coffee educators from across the industry to instruct at our facility.


Why Choose Boulder?

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains a half hour north of Denver, Boulder is a hotspot for Colorado tourism. Protected open space surrounds Boulder, and hiking, running, and biking trails line the foothills and mountains all around the city. During the colder months, the bevy of Colorado ski resorts are all popular destinations. Eldora Ski Resort is located just 45 minutes out of town. Ozo is a part of a thriving culinary community, with some of the nations top chefs and brewers practicing their craft in Boulder.